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If you are looking for something special for a loved one that will support their physical, mental and emotional health rather than harm it, here are a bunch of anti-diet, body positive gifts that I hope provide some inspiration or a jumping-off place for your shopping.

I have pulled together homewares, art, self-care and wearable items from a range of amazing Australian-based creators who are, in their own ways, flipping the bird to diet culture, patriarchy and the other systems of oppression that harm humans. I also made sure they were Australian because I know all too well the currency inequity that comes with a lot of online shopping. But more importantly, to support local small businesses.

The books in this anti-diet gift guide are classics (or I have no doubt will be) and will likely be found wherever you prefer to buy or order books from.

Oh, and I should say: it is also totally OK to go shopping here for yourself! Wrap these up and make sure put your own name on the gift-tag  😉


Anti-diet gifts


A hand printed image of a fat female-looking human surrounded by abstract shapes. The print is in pink ink and is in a light coloured wooden frame on a mantle.

Prints and sculptures and workshops from Ashlee Bennett

The gentle and wise Ashlee Bennett aka @bodyimage_therapist is constantly updating her store with products that nourish your soul and provide a soothing balm to those hard body image days. Buy a print, sign up for a sculpting workshop or download a meditation.

Looking for Ashlee’s ceramics collection? You can find it here.


A flatlay of scattered affirmation cards

Mindful Eating, Body Healing Cards from The Mindful Dietitian

These cards from The Mindful Dietitian Fiona Sutherland, are perfect for anyone who enjoys positive affirmations. Each pack contains stacks of positive, supporting and affirming messages about food, body and eating. Choose a card from the deck and use it to set the theme or intention for your meal or your day/week or your journaling.


A blue, pink and yellow ceramic mug. They are each shaped in the form of a soft, round belly.

Voluptuary ceramics

Is it wrong to put something that is on your own gift wish-list here? I first saw the gorgeous ceramics from Emma at Voluptuary Ceramics at the Melbourne Ceramic Market in 2019 and fell in love instantly. My bank balance at the time prevented me from taking one of the tummy tumblers home with me, so please, if you are shopping – leave one for me!


A silver spoon on a cloth bag.

Nourish and Nurture Spoon

This spoon was created by Dietitian Rachael Bradford to provide a visual “gentle reminder and reassurance that food adds value to your world in a positive, nourishing and nurturing way” It makes a beautiful and meaningful addition to anyone’s kitchen.


A candle in a black glass jar.

Gifts with meaning candles

Gifts with Meaning hand pour their coconut soy candles in the beautiful Hawkesbury, New South Wales. Their candle fragrances are named after Greek goddesses and you can choose labels like “Your weight is not your worth.”, or something a little spicier like “Smells like this Zoom meeting could have been an email” You can also request your own custom label with your order.


A smiling woman with shoulder length dark blonde hair and big round glasses. She wears a bright pink and red t-shirt that reads Strong.

Fussy Gus clothing

Jen from Fussy Gus not only sews the comfiest t-shirts I have ever worn, but she also emblazons them with just the right amount of feminist snark. If quirky or nostalgic is more your thing, she probably has a tee (or jewellery, or homewares) for that too. Sizing ranges from 8-32 and be sure to check out Jen’s size and fit highlight saved on Instagram.


A pair of teal and purple heart shaped dangle earrings sitting on a background of 100s and 1000s. The earrings say Diet Culture Sucks

The Perfect Pear Earring Co

Hate diet culture? For body liberation? Wear that loud and proud on your ears with some colourful dangles or studs. The Perfect Pear Earring Co also creates very cute holiday-themed collections.


Anti-diet books


The cover of the Intuitive Eating book 4th Edition

Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch

There are a lot of books on the market now putting their own spin on Intuitive Eating. But to honour the true spirit of Intuitive Eating, you can’t go past the OG Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. Please make sure you do get the 4th edition with the green and yellow cover as it is the most up to date and has been carefully edited to ensure all of the lingering diet-y inferences from the 3rd edition are gone.


Cover of the Intuitive Eating Workbook

Intuitive Eating Workbook by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch

For those people who like to get really practical, an adjunct to the book, or as a standalone – the Intuitive Eating Workbook contains thoughtfully curated activities, experiences and journaling prompts to take you through turning the theory into a practice.


Anti-Diet by Christy Harrison

For anyone who wants a deeper dive into the roots of diet culture along with a guide on how to divest themselves from its grippy little claws, then Anti-Diet by Christy Harrison is THE book to gift.

Do you have any other anti-diet gift ideas to add to the list?



Originally published December 2017, updated November 2018, December 2020