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feel good eating is a place where you can escape the noise of diet culture and find information and support to help you tune into your body, and your relationship to food.

There’s no judgment here.

You won’t be prescribed diets, given meal plans, told to restrict your food or count calories.

What you will find are tasty recipes and information to help you reconnect with your body and make food choices from a place of self-care, so that you can ultimately feel good eating.

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welcome to feel good eating

Hey, my name is Nina

I am an Intuitive Eating Counsellor and Dietitian in Melbourne who loves to work with people to figure out the HOW and WHY behind their eating, rather than telling them WHAT to eat.

As a former dieter myself, I know first-hand how frustrating diets can be. I even went back to university to study nutrition in the hope of unlocking the secrets to weight loss! But now that I’ve spent over 10 years studying health and nutrition, that’s no longer my goal. I have found that I get the best results, and help people create the biggest transformations in their lives, when we stop focusing on weight loss and instead look at ways to re-build a peaceful relationship with food and body using a non-diet approach.

I am here to help you reject diet culture, tune into your body’s own inner wisdom about how to truly nourish yourself and ultimately feel good eating (see what I did there!). 

Feel like you don’t know me enough yet? Head over here to learn more.


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Intuitive Eating for Binge Eating: Can it Help?

With Intuitive Eating’s growing popularity, I receive lots of enquiries from people wanting to tackle their binge eating using it. Given how awful people can feel after a binge, I can really appreciate them wanting to try all sorts of things to heal their relationship...

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Navigating the holidays when your body has changed

Navigating the holidays when your body has changed

“I have a question about navigating seeing people (mostly relatives) who I haven't seen in a year (or even two due to COVID), and the fact my body is bigger than when they last saw me. I think my question is twofold - one part is how to respond if they make comments...

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Does portion control fit with mindful eating?

Does portion control fit with mindful eating?

Mindful eating is often suggested as a way to practice portion control. But does portion control actually fit with mindful eating? This article will look at what portion control and mindful eating are and whether the two are compatible with one another.   What...

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Laptop Graphic with cover slide reading 3 Things You Can Do Today To Help Prevent A Binge feel good eating


3 things you can do today to help prevent a binge.

Watch this FREE on-demand mini-training for 3 things you can implement today to help prevent a binge or feeling out of control with your eating.