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Articles, insights, resources and tasty recipes to help you reconnect with your body and make food choices from a place of self-care so that you can ultimately feel good eating™

Taking Imperfect Action

This idea of imperfect action isn’t original. I came across it in an article about overcoming writers block with blogging. And after a bit of digging, I found that it is a concept that is talked about often in the world of business and entrepreneurship. But as I was...

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Portion Control And Mindful Eating

I’m just going to come right out and say it: portion control is NOT mindful eating. OK, now let me press pause and say; I get where portion control might seem like a legit way to eat mindfully.     It is because we more commonly associate ‘being mindful’...

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How We Talk About Food

There’s no getting away from it. Because we eat food, it is inevitable that we are going to talk about food. And because we are all by default, immersed in diet culture, how we talk about food is no longer a neutral subject.     Food has become highly...

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Easy Garlic Mushrooms – Spanish Tapas Style

Setas al Ajillo (translates to: mushrooms with garlic) would have to be my all-time favourite way of enjoying mushrooms. I first tried mushrooms cooked this way at a Spanish tapas place near my home and instantly fell in love with them. The robust little button...

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Intuitive Eating For Weight Loss

Intuitive eating for weight loss. Knowing the origins of intuitive eating, those were a string of words I didn’t think went together. But I was wrong. Because at the time of writing this, there are over 7,000,000 results that come back when you Google, “Intuitive...

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Food Fails Vol. 2

It is the start of a new year, which is always a good time to reflect on the food fails that have occurred in my kitchen. This is not the first time I have posted about my food fails – you can check out volume 1 here. And let’s just say I haven’t been short of...

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Anti-diet Alternatives To New Year’s Resolutions

I did a Google search for the most popular New Year’s Resolutions to prepare this article…do I even need to tell you what was on top of all of the lists I found?!?! Yep, you guessed it. Weight loss (+/- ‘getting in shape’ which we all know means the same thing)....

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