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Articles, insights, resources and tasty recipes to help you reconnect with your body and make food choices from a place of self-care so that you can ultimately feel good eating™

Rum Balls

These rum balls are a good reminder to me that food is more than just fuel. And it has nothing to do with the actual balls themselves! In my house, there is an ongoing playful argument around the ‘correct’ name for these chocolatey coconutty balls. I call them rum...

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Diet Versus Diet

Don’t you just love the English language? There are so many idiosyncrasies that unless you grew up immersed in it, English language makes no sense at all. One of the confusions that keeps coming up with the English language and the non-diet approach is just what is...

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Paprika Roasted Potatoes

I am going to make a big call here and say that I have yet to come across a person who doesn’t enjoy a good roast potato. What’s not to love? There is that glorious contrast between the golden and crispy outside and soft, fluffy centre. But that balance can be...

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What Does Putting Weight Loss On The Back Burner Mean?

If you have done any reading about intuitive eating, mindful eating or the non-diet approach lately, you are BOUND to have come across this phrase:   put weight loss on the back burner   It is so ingrained in the anti-diet movement and just rolls off the tongue. But...

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The Joy Of Missing Out

We all know about FOMO (the fear of missing out), but have you heard of the joy of missing out, aka JOMO?     I really like to think about JOMO in terms of what it offers when we quit the pursuit of weight loss and work on reconnecting with our body’s internal wisdom...

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Nut Free Granola

There are times when I go out for breakfast or brunch and I will look wistfully at the pretty bowls of porridge and granola around me and then check the menu hoping that the dish is nut free. It never is. Cue the violins. I have resigned myself to the fact that...

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Quitting Dieting: 4 Myths Holding You Back From Food Freedom

The thought of quitting dieting can be a really scary one. After all, many of us have been doing some sort of diet (or ‘healthy lifestyle’ if that language is more familiar to you) to either lose weight or keep our weight ‘in check’ for most of our lives. And yes, I...

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Turning To Weight Loss When Life Gets Hectic

I’ve lost count of the number of people who have sat across from me in a session or just in general conversation who have said something along the lines of.. “I’ve just got sooooo much going on. I have this injury that is keeping me from exercising. My boss is...

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