I learned that one the hard way…

…and I am wondering whether you might be here because you have hit diet rock bottom and the thought of going on another diet to ‘lose the weight and keep it off for life’ sounds about as appealing as getting your wisdom teeth removed without anaesthetic?

You know diets don’t work too.

But you’re feeling stuck.

You have so many food rules swirling around in your head now that you have no idea what to eat anymore.

You pick your body apart every time you look in the mirror.

You force yourself to exercise because that is what a ‘healthy’ person does, right?

Except you hate it.

Yes, you don’t want to go on another diet, but this life you are living at the moment is not the one you imagined.

I want you to kick off your shoes, sit back in your chair, and BREATHE.

Because I hear you.

You don’t have to stay stuck.

welcome to feel good eating

Hello, my name is Nina Mills

I’m a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor who is taking the ‘diet’ out of Dietitian. I love helping people reconnect with their body, develop a peaceful relationship with food and find their own definition of health.


Because I want you to enjoy eating, never diet again and live life on YOUR terms – not one that is dictated by scales or calories. And as a diet culture dismantler, that’s what REALLY lights me up!

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but don’t get me wrong… I’m no stranger to dieting

I have been there, done that when it comes to the pursuit of weight loss. I tried to kid myself that it was all about ‘getting healthy’, but really, I was after the weight loss. And can I tell you; restricting my food to lose weight was a like living hell. I literally became a different person. I was so angry (or should that be HANGRY) and exhausted All. THE. TIME.

Needless to say, that way of living was not sustainable, and the weight came back, plus a few extra kilos to say thanks for messing with my body’s metabolism which was perfectly happy the way it was. So, of course, I felt like rubbish when the kilos crept back on and there were those awkward ‘elephant in the room’ encounters with people who had previously gushed over my weight loss, now not knowing how to deal with me.

Which just added to my body discomfort.

And my feelings of failure.



The difference is, I now have the knowledge and the tools to nourish my body with the food it tells me it wants and needs.

And I no longer look at food and exercise as a means to control my weight.

They have much richer and more fulfilling roles in my life.

Want to get to that place too? Let’s work together.

not ready for such a serious relationship yet?

That’s OK. My introverted self gets that.


Interested in the nutrition business resources I use to run feel good eating? You can find them here.

Profile picture of Nina Mills feel good eating Dietitian Melbourne


Nina Mills - the formal stuff

Nina Mills is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor and Accredited Practising Dietitian based in Melbourne, Australia. She holds a Master of Dietetics, Master of Human Nutrition, Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion and Bachelor of Health Sciences. With a keen interest in a client-centred approach to nutrition and dietetics she has gone on to do extensive additional training in the Non-Diet Approach, Health At Every Size®, Intuitive Eating and the areas of body image, Binge Eating Disorder and eating competence.

Nina is a member of the Association for Size Diversity and Health and is a Health At Every Size Australia specialist. In her practice, she offers face-to-face and virtual nutrition counselling and online programs for clients with eating and body concerns. Nina uses the principles of Intuitive Eating and Health At Every Size to help people reconnect with their bodies, make food choices from a place of self-care and ultimately feel good eating

When she is not dismantling diet culture, Nina can be found catching some live music, annoying her ageing cats that just want to sleep, or exploring the history of her hometown Naarm (Melbourne).


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