One of the first things I tell clients with PCOS, is to resist the urge to Google how to manage their PCOS.

And that is because the dominant narrative about the management of PCOS is steeped in weight bias and weight stigma.

This means the “advice” given is typically a recipe for a disordered relationship with food and body.

People with PCOS do not need to go on restrictive diets.

They do not need to eliminate foods or whole food groups.

They do not need to exercise for hours every day.

And they do not need to obsessively focus on shrinking their body.

So, where do you go for affirming, weight inclusive PCOS information and support?

Well, I’ve rounded up some of the more weight-neutral, non-diet places on the web right here for you.


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Blogs about PCOS


Julie Duffy Dillon

THE OG place for weight inclusive blogs about PCOS is Julie Duffy Dillon’s website. Settle in to work your way through her entire archive or head straight to the PCOS specific content.


The Joy of Eating

Rachael Hartley on her The Joy of Eating blog has a three-part series about PCOS and Intuitive Eating covering non-diet approaches to managing PCOS and disordered eating and PCOS.


PCOS Body Liberation

PCOS Body Liberation was created by Laura Burns and Julie Duffy Dillon and rather than be a bunch of blog posts is about creating an inclusive community along with resources for healing yoga and food peace to all people with PCOS.


Nicola Salmon

Nicola Salmon’s content is not specifically about PCOS but she is a fat-positive fertility coach so all of her content is affirming and supportive for people with higher weight bodies who are experiencing fertility issues.


PCOS Nutrition Center

PCOS Nutrition Center is headed up by Dietitian Angela Grassi and has lots of great blog posts, products, courses and information covering all aspects of PCOS.


Feel Good Eating

Of course, I can’t forget to mention Feel Good Eating in here (wink). If you are new to PCOS, I invite you to check out my Quick Guide to PCOS.

You will also find all my other PCOS specific content here: 

Outside of this specific content, the Feel Good Eating archives are filled with information and resources on binge eating, Intuitive Eating and reconnecting with your body.


Social media accounts

So, there are WAY more people over on Instagram sharing affirming, weight-inclusive information about PCOS. Here’s a list of some accounts to follow:


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I’ll be honest with you; I’ve fallen out of love with podcasts. There are just WAY too many to keep up with anymore, so I am out of the loop about what is out there specifically about PCOS.

But you can’t go past the Love, Food podcast or the spin-off PCOS and Food Peace Podcast.


Tread carefully

This last section contains options that I suggest you tread carefully with. Only approach them if you are feeling up to sifting out recommendations about weight loss and stigmatising content. Or perhaps skip altogether? This is why I haven’t linked to them directly.


Jean Hailes 

The Jean Hailes website is not all HAES-aligned or weight inclusive and very much promote weight-normative approaches to living with PCOS. This is a real shame because the website is extremely comprehensive when it comes to PCOS and other “women’s health” conditions like endometriosis.



I hope this has given you plenty of options to explore more weight-inclusive, non-diet PCOS blogs and other content online. I’d love for you to bookmark this article as I will continue to add to it over time.


Who else would you add to the list?


Mentioning content, accounts and resources here does not suggest that Nina Mills or Feel Good Eating endorses them unequivocally.