Wondering what happened to What’s for eats?

The short answer?

What’s for eats? has become feel good eating

But I am guessing that answer probably doesn’t feel very satisfactory for you so here’s the long-winded version…


Patterned background with text reading what happened to what's for eats?


What’s for eats? is quite ancient by technology standards. I started What’s for eats?  back in August of 2010 after I had become a university qualified nutritionist and was struggling to find work. My thinking at the time was that I suddenly had all of this nutrition knowledge and no way of sharing it.

So, I stumbled across this blogging caper and thought it would be a great way to practice my nutrition communication skills.

After sitting around the dining table with my family brainstorming cute and quirky names, What’s for eats? was born.

Want to see what What’s for eats? looked like way back when?

Here is a screenshot from 2011 after I had been blogging for about eight months.


Screenshot of old What's for eats? web page. It shows an article on Vitamin A


I wouldn’t be surprised if you were thinking WTF WFE right now?!

Yes, What’s for eats?  started out as a blog steeped in diet culture and that traditional “I am the nutrition expert and you will listen to everything I preach to you and do what I say” mentality. Just look at those blog post titles under the Read More section. Can you think of more boring and dry content to read?! No wonder I didn’t get many visitors!!

Of course, What’s for eats?  evolved over the years as my professional development evolved and I got a reality check around just how ineffective it is to spout nutrition information AT people. I came to understand that the world is filled with HUMANS, not robots and just telling people what to do rarely has any impact.

And I found HAES, intuitive eating and the non-diet approach.

Game changer.

While I have been writing and sharing content for the past few years from a weight neutral, HAES perspective, I was feeling a bit restless with my brand.

Yes, I continued to ask, ‘What’s for eats?’ on a daily basis in my personal life whenever I was feeling hungry, but the reality was, my thinking, my philosophy and my brand had long ago moved beyond focussing on WHAT people eat.

From listening to YOU and working with my clients and patients, I had come to understand that eating, nutrition and health are much more complex than what we put in our mouth.

And so What’s for eats? just didn’t seem to fit anymore.


Adults and babies sitting around dining table enjoying a meal


You may have noticed that I actually started to introduce the phrase ‘feel good eating’ a while back as the tagline to What’s for eats?. But it became apparent that feel good eating really encompassed what I was all about.

Eating is MEANT to be a pleasurable, satisfying experience. Biologically, we are meant to feel good eating.

And when we are in tune with our body we are better positioned to make caring and informed choices about foods that feel good in our body (remembering we don’t owe our health or food choices to anyone). That includes experimenting to work out the foods that make our bodies feel good with conditions like diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome, reflux etc.

feel good eating  kinda felt like it was meant to be.

Once the decision was made, it was full steam ahead getting a new logo and branding designed and putting my tech hat on to build a new website.

Which I think brings us up to speed. That’s essentially what happened to What’s for eats?

I really want feel good eating to be a place you know you can come to, to escape the noise of diet culture. And find the resources and support you need to keep moving forward on as you find food and body peace. So, if there IS something you are struggling with, please get in touch and let me know so I can make sure this space serves YOU. And yes, the recipes are staying!

There’s plenty of new stuff to explore, but you might like to start here.

So, with that, I wish you a very warm welcome to feel good eating. I am really glad you are here!


I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new look and website. Leave me a comment below