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Nut Free Dukkah

Dukkah is that sandy stuff you sometimes get served with bread and olive oil when you go out for dinner. Rest assured it isn’t sand, but a mix of seeds, spices and nuts…which means dukkah is something I have to steer clear of. That was until I made my own nut free...

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Traditional ANZAC biscuits

I love my hometown of Melbourne. In particular, I love Melbourne history. One of my favourite books on the subject is called Capital (af) by Kristin Otto, and it details Melbourne life between 1901 and 1927 when it was the capital city of Australia. One of the most...

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Crispy Roasted Chickpeas

Do you know how irritating it is when a recipe calls for a handful of toasted nuts to give the dish some crunch and texture but you have a nut allergy? Trust me – it is really irritating. Crispy roasted chickpeas are the closest thing I have found to a crunchy, nutty...

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