You CAN keep chocolate in the house and not eat it all in one sitting.

Learn the skills, strategies and tools to go from feeling out of control, to in charge of your eating.

Food and eating isn’t meant to feel this hard…

Binge eating. Overeating. Emotional eating. Aka out of control eating.

Can I tell you something? That roller coaster you are on right now isn’t how your relationship with food and eating is supposed to be.

You know the roller coaster I mean…

…where you wake up in the morning determined that this WILL BE the day you get on top of your eating and then you white-knuckle it trying to be good until mid-afternoon when *that food* starts calling your name and gets louder and louder until you know eating it is inevitable. 

You give in, eat it, feel mad for ruining your good streak and then say “Stuff it!” and suddenly that “good day” turns bad. You surface sometime later at the bottom of a tub of ice cream, or the end of a packet of biscuits, or surrounded by wrappers, or all of the above and then the wave of guilt hits.

You go to bed feeling physically stuffed, defeated and resolve to get it together tomorrow. 

You wake up the next morning to do it all again.

Maybe it doesn’t happen exactly like this. Maybe you are good all week and come Friday night when you have your cheat/treat meal planned, you order a large pizza, aiming to eat a couple of slices and have the rest for lunch Saturday and Sunday but find once it arrives, you can’t stop at a couple of slices and you polish off the whole pizza and the garlic bread and then go hunting through your pantry for more. You decide the weekend is a write-off and are determined to get back on track on Monday.

However it goes down, you are exhausted, frustrated and feeling guilty and wonder why everyone else seems to have it together with their eating, but you can’t seem to get off that roller coaster?

Why your eating always feels so out of control…

Here’s what I want you to know:

I believe you can find peace, ease and freedom with food.

I believe that your eating can feel calm.

I believe that you can be trusted to make food choices.

I believe that you are the expert of your body.

I really do believe you can keep chocolate (or biscuits, or ice cream, or potato chips…) in the house without eating them all in one sitting.

I believe that you can feel IN CHARGE of your eating, rather than feeling out of control.

And when you have that, you can reclaim your time, energy and headspace back from obsessing about what to eat and worrying if this is the meal that is going to derail you.

Because you are a smart, resourceful, deep feeling womxn who has got better things to do, no, more important things to do with your life than feel stuck riding that out of control eating roller coaster.

You deserve to show up in your life for the things that really matter to you.

If you are ready to get off the out of control eating roller coaster for good,
I want to help.


In Charge Eating

A laser-focused online program that will fill your kit with the tools to take your eating from feeling out of control, exhausting and overwhelming to calm, at ease and you being in charge.

Getting to the core of what causes eating to feel out of control.

Feeling out of control with eating and all of the behaviours and emotions that go along with it like eating past fullness, eating quickly, eating large quantities of food, feeling unable to stop, feeling guilt and shame is distressing, unpleasant and painful.

It makes complete sense that we would do whatever we can to not have to experience them.

A lot of the solutions to out of control eating focus on symptom management, i.e. not having to experience those behaviours and feelings, but the problem with this is that it doesn’t get to the core of what is causing eating to feel out of control. 

biological, emotional and habitual drivers

In Charge Eating is the first program of its kind that not only teaches you the root causes that are driving out of control eating but gives you the tools, step-by-step to put yourself back in the driver’s seat.

I am stripping back all of the fluff and guff and giving you EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED for your eating to feel different. 

In this program I’m going to take you through each of the main drivers of out of control eating – biological, emotional and habitual. We will look at what they each are, how they happen, but most importantly what you can DO, to not have them running the show.

Because in working with hundreds of people to feel more in charge of their eating and for that eating experience to feel a lot calmer, peaceful – and dare I say it, enjoyable, I have discovered that there are a bunch of tools, strategies, behaviours, actions, that everyone typically finds help make that transformation from feeling out of control, to in charge.

So, woven through the program are all of the tools you will need to take back charge of your eating so that by the end of the program, you will have a kit filled with at least seven tools you can continue to use every day so that you can get on with living a richer, more fulfilling life, with less food obsession and more food ease.

Less food obsession, more food ease.

After implementing in charge eating you will:

understand what drives out of control eating from a biological, emotional and habitual perspective;

understand YOUR drivers of out of control eating;

feel calmer around food rather than swinging between rigid food rules and out of control eating;

trust that you CAN eat all foods, even those that seem “off-limits”;

feel confident about keeping all types of foods in your house;  

wake up each morning without remorse for your eating the day before;

make food choices from a place of consciousness and self-care;

eat without guilt;

know how to work with your body, rather than against it;

find pleasure in eating;

have a kit filled with practical tools you can use every day to continue to feel in charge of your eating;

get on with living a richer, more fulfilling life, with less food obsession and more food ease;

and much more.

What’s inside In Charge Eating?

A program that takes you step-by-step through the root causes that are driving out of control eating, so that you are empowered to take action with none of the overwhelm.

4 laser-focused modules with video content, captions and transcripts so that whatever your preference, your learning style is accommodated.

Actionable tools for your toolkit that cover the biological, emotional and habitual drivers of out of control eating, so that you can work on healing your relationship with food and eating from all angles.

Worksheets, checklists, frameworks, journalling prompts, exercises and experientials to support your learning.

A whole lesson on carbs so that you can take back your power from them.

Troubleshooting lessons in each module that anticipate common sticking points, so that you don’t have to waste another minute and can continue to move forward in healing your relationship with food and eating.

MODULE 1: Foundations

Every relationship with food needs a solid foundation. In this module, we will get clear on the difference between binge eating, overeating, emotional eating and binge eating disorder and introduce the three drivers of out of control eating. You will also get to try your first tool for your toolkit.

MODULE 2: Biological Drivers

This module is all about the biological drivers of out of control eating. We will get a little science-y exploring the role food plays in our biology and you will be adding to your toolkit with another two tools that are key to addressing the biological drivers of out of control eating.

MODULE 3: Emotional Drivers

We are moving on to explore the emotional drivers of out of control eating. We also take a deeper look at emotional eating. You can expect to add another two tools to your toolkit that are key to addressing the emotional drivers of out of control eating.

MODULE 4: Habitual Drivers

In this last module, we are covering what happens when binge eating, emotional eating and overeating feel habitual. You will round out your toolkit with a couple of tools aimed specifically at supporting you shake up those habits. 

Bonus extras

Keeping eating calm during times of chaos

We can often keep “on top” of our eating when things are going well. But notice that the wheels start falling off and out of control eating ramps up again when life stuff is stressful or overwhelming. This bonus lesson is all about how to keep eating calm during times of chaos.

Out of control eating during COVID

COVID has thrown up unprecedented challenges for eating and our relationship to food. This bonus lesson looks specifically at out of control eating during COVID.


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The complete In Charge Eating Program

Access for the lifetime of the program, including all future updates 

BONUS lesson Keeping Eating Calm During Times of Chaos

BONUS lesson Binge Eating during COVID

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$247 AUD

Nina is sitting at the bottom of a flight of stairs holding a coffee. She is wearing black jeans and t-shirt.

Hi! I’m Nina Mills.

Loves cats, coffee and cheesecake.

And, I am tired and angry with all of the BS “solutions” out there promising to end binge eating, overeating and emotional eating, that are actually just another diet with a focus on weight loss.

I really want for you to understand what is at the root of your eating concerns and arm you with the tools that support you to feel in charge and calm again. Not just for six weeks, 12 weeks; for good. No more bandaid fixes!

I know not everyone has the time, finances, energy and interest in working with a dietitian 1:1, so my aim for In Charge Eating was to provide a lower cost, more inclusive, easier access option because everyone deserves to have a more peaceful relationship with food and eating.

Want some formal stuff? I am a Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor and founder of Feel Good Eating, based in Melbourne Australia. I am a member of the Association for Size Diversity and Health and a Health At Every Size Australia specialist. In my practice, I offer face-to-face (well not right now – thanks COVID!) and virtual nutrition counselling for clients with eating and body concerns to support people to reconnect with their bodies, make food choices from a place of self-care and ultimately feel good eating

Five ways to know if In Charge Eating is right for you

If you are:

  1. tired of fighting food and feeling guilty about your eating;
  2. done feeling out of control with your eating;
  3. exhausted with the amount of time and brain space worrying about food and eating is taking up in your life;
  4. feeling so confused that you are not even sure how to eat anymore;
  5. in your heart of hearts certain that another diet, meal plan or Instagram influencer is not the answer;

In Charge Eating might just be the program to support you to reclaim your relationship with food back from diet culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does In Charge Eating start and finish?

In Charge Eating starts whenever you are ready! It has been designed to be completely self-paced – so ultimately you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access for?

You will have access for the lifetime of the program, including any future updates.

Will I lose weight?

To be totally honest, I have no idea. What I do know is that diets don’t work and the pursuit of weight loss will continue to distract you from really embracing the tools and information that will actually promote long-term health. Weight loss is not an intended outcome or goal of this program, which is based on principles of Health at Every Size® and body acceptance. THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR YOU IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A WEIGHT LOSS SOLUTION.

I have an eating disorder. Can I take In Charge Eating?

Nothing can replace intensive specialised therapy for an eating disorder, however, this program may offer adjunct support. Please ask your treatment team whether In Charge Eating is right for you.

This program is not recommended if you have an active eating disorder that involves purging or compensatory behaviours. 

Do you offer refunds?
Due to the virtual nature of this product, refunds are not available.

I’m extremely proud of this program and am confident that anyone who invests in it and implements the strategies, tools and practices will be in a better place with their food and eating as a result.

But I also want you to be 100% sure that is it the right fit for you. So, I welcome your questions – please get in touch!

Got a question that hasn’t been answered here? Get in touch

i invite you to Take the first step to feeling in charge of your eating


$247 AUD


This program provides general information about nutrition, health and wellbeing that is likely to be applicable to most individuals. It is not designed to provide individualised advice for the treatment of specific health conditions or active eating disorders. By engaging in this program, you agree to the terms and conditions of use of this site.  

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