Then why not learn the practical skills of Mindful Eating and transform the connection with your body’s inner wisdom so you never have to diet again.

Take A Taste of Mindful Eating!

My clients often tell me…

I’ve tried that many diets, weight loss programs and plans, I am now so confused about what to eat.

I have so many rules about food swirling around in my head, I feel anxious every time I think about what to eat for my next meal.

I’m a dieter, my mum is a dieter, and my grandma is a dieter – I don’t want my kids to grow up hating their bodies and dieting too.

I really don’t want to diet again, but I don’t know what to do next.

If you can relate to any of these then take a deep breath because I want to let you in on a secret: 

You haven’t failed at anything.

It is the diets that have failed you.

Our bodies are designed to survive.

And diets threaten that survival.

Our bodies will always outsmart a diet.

So, congratulations! All of those diets you have ‘failed’ at are actually just you being a successful human.

A Taste of Mindful Eating is not another diet.

Instead, it will give you the step by step roadmap to developing the practical skills of mindful eating so you can free yourself from diets, meal plans, calorie counting, food restriction and guilt forever.

After A Taste of Mindful Eating you will:

  • feel calmer around food rather than swinging between rigid food rules and ‘out-of-control’ eating;
  • trust that you can eat ALL foods, even those that seem “off-limits”;
  • make food choices from a place of consciousness and self-care;
  • learn to reconnect with your internal cues of hunger and fullness;
  • experience eating food with all your senses;
  • develop confidence in using your hunger to choose foods that make your body feel great;
  • enjoy feeling satisfied after eating rather than uncomfortably full;
  • take pleasure in food and eating;
  • honour your hunger and fullness;
  • discover when and why you overeat;
  • …and much more!

“Some parts were challenging but that made me like it even more. I needed to be challenged. I loved the whole course.”

– Kayte B, A Taste Of Mindful Eating participant

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 5 modules of in-depth content
  • A bonus module exploring overeating
  • Guided practical activities that will help you apply the course materials and develop the skills of a mindful eater
  • Thought-provoking journal exercises so you can dig deeper into your experiences
  • A guided mindful eating recording you can download and take with you anywhere
  • Downloadable PDF workbooks for each module
  • Q&A recordings, with answers to individual questions that come up during the course
  • Email prompts and check-ins for additional support
  • Access to the course materials, including any future updates for the lifetime of the course

“I feel that the mood or message of all the modules is very nurturing and caring and it feels like a really safe place to be trying new things.”

– Kerry G, A Taste Of Mindful Eating course participant

The Modules

1. Setting the Foundations for Success

This course is not about making you follow a meal plan or telling you what to eat. So, in this first module, we will take some time to set an intention for what YOU want to get out of the course.

2. Tuning In

This module is all about helping you to tune back in to your body’s internal wisdom about eating. There are a number of activities for you to do during this module to help you DO the tuning in and at the end you will be able to describe what hunger and fullness feels like specifically to you.

3. Experience Mindful Eating

You will build on the skills you have developed during the Tuning In module as you get to practice mindfully eating some of your favourite foods.

4. Trusting And Responding To Body Cues

In this module, you are going to move on to learning how to trust and respond to the hunger and fullness you learnt to identify back in the Tuning In module. There’s also some work on matching the food you eat to your hunger.

5. Putting It All Together

In your final module, you will bring everything you have learnt and practised over the past four modules together into one flowing process that you can draw upon whenever you want to practise your Mindful Eating. You will also explore the potential barriers that may get in the way of you continuing to practise your Mindful Eating and you will brainstorm ways to overcome these.

I have really enjoyed the course. I’m definitely going to start over and do it again once I’m finished.

– Kayte B, A Taste Of Mindful Eating course participant

Frequently Asked Questions

When does A Taste of Mindful Eating start and finish?

A Taste Of Mindful Eating starts whenever you are ready! It has been designed to be completely self-paced – so ultimately you decide when you start and when you finish.

Will I lose weight?

To be totally honest, I have no idea. What I do know is that diets don’t work and the pursuit of weight loss will continue to distract you from really embracing the tools and information that will actually promote long-term health. Weight loss is not a goal of mindful eating, intuitive eating or of this program, which is based on principles of Health at Every Size® and body acceptance. THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR YOU IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A WEIGHT LOSS SOLUTION.

I have an eating disorder. Can I take A Taste Of Mindful Eating?

If you have had treatment for an eating disorder in the past or if you are in stable recovery, then learning the practical skills of mindful eating will give you the next steps for nurturing a peaceful relationship with food. However, this program is NOT recommended if you have an active eating disorder. Eating disorders can make hunger and fullness cues unreliable and attempting mindful eating before you are ready may make your eating disorder worse. Nothing can replace intensive specialised therapy for an eating disorder. Please ask your treatment team whether A Taste Of Mindful Eating is right for you.

I've already tried mindful eating. Is this program right for me?

Yes! Many of my students have tried mindful eating before but only felt like they really ‘got it’ after following this roadmap and learning the practical skills of a mindful eater. A Taste Of Mindful Eating also has components of intuitive eating throughout and offers you the opportunity to get support and troubleshoot common areas where people get stuck trying to incorporate mindful eating into their lives.

How long do I have access for?

You will have access for the lifetime of the program, including any future updates.


This program provides general information about nutrition, health and wellbeing that is likely to be applicable to most healthy individuals. It is not designed to provide individualised advice for the treatment of specific health conditions. It is not suitable for those with active eating disorders. By engaging in this program, you agree to the terms and conditions of use of this site.