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Feel Good Eating for the Holidays is closed for another year.
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Have you noticed that rather than feeling festive, the holidays often cause people to stress out about all the extra food and alcohol that is available and what it will do to their body?

Maybe this is your experience too?

Imagine a holiday season


  • where you can enjoy eating ALL of the food you TRULY want without feeling “Christmas Lunch Stuffed”
  • where you eat according to your hunger, fullness and satisfaction
  • free of dread about having to get ‘back on the wagon’ again in the New Year
  • where you feel armed to deal with those uncomfortable comments and conversations about weight, diets and food

If this is the kind of holiday season you are looking for, I’d love for you to join me for Feel Good Eating for the Holidays

When you join, you will receive instant access

and an email every weekday (there’s no working on weekends!) for 16 days (yes, that is a weird number, I know), inviting you to immerse yourself in some learning and take action to strengthen your anti-diet armour in readiness for the holiday season. We will cover things like:

  • the truth about holiday weight gain
  • staying true to your hunger and fullness
  • what to do if you have overeaten
  • how to manage all of the extra food and alcohol
  • how to deal with those people who always push food on you
  • and MUCH more

Don’t think you will have time for this in the lead up to Christmas? Don’t worry, each day has quick, easily digestible content that only requires about 10-15 minutes of your time – easy!

Want more?

Because it is the holidays, here are some bonus gifts from me to you:

1. Feel Good Eating For The Holidays Workbook

A done for you workbook that contains space to work through each of the daily topic’s activities. Print it off to handwrite in, or fill in electronically – the choice is yours.

2. Intention Setting Workshop

Receive access to my brand new intention setting workshop. Rather than set another dodgy New Years Resolution, use this on-demand workshop to work out what is really important to you and how you can live in alignment with your values and intentions. This workshop will be available to purchase separately, however, it is yours free when you join Feel Good Eating For The Holidays.

3. Body Scan Meditation

Use this downloadable body scan guided meditation to deepen your connection with the physical sensations in your body. Developing a mindful awareness of your bodily sensations is one of the first foundational steps of mindful eating.

4. 10 Ways To Feel Better About Your Body Now

One of the things you asked me for in your feedback last year was some content around body acceptance. So here it is! My guide on 10 ways to feel better about your body now.

frequently asked questions

How does it all work?

The content for Feel Good Eating For The Holidays will be delivered to your email inbox Monday-Friday as soon as you sign up for 16 days. There will be no content on weekends because we all need to recharge our batteries! Plus the weekend will offer the opportunity to catch up on anything you didn’t get to during the week. Each day you will be invited to take action on the daily topic which you can choose to complete if it feels comfortable for you. There will also be some extra materials that you might like to explore to deepen your understanding of the topic. The program workbook, body scan guided meditation and 10 ways to feel better about your body bonuses will be available when you join. Access to the intention setting workshop will be provided separately after the conclusion of the program.

Will this help me lose weight?

As an evidence-based practitioner, it is my role to support you to understand the evidence for and against different approaches and empower you to find ways to stop dieting and take care of yourself without focussing on weight loss. That is not to say if you are looking to lose weight, you can’t join this program. Most of my clients want to quit dieting, enjoy eating and look after their body AND want to change their body at the same time. Just know that Feel Good Eating For The Holidays is not a weight loss program.

I did Feel Good Eating For The Holidays last year. How is this different?

Last year was the first time I ran Feel Good Eating For The Holidays and it was a great success! I asked participants to provide me with feedback which I have taken on board to make this year’s program even better! Here’s how things are different:

  1. All content has been updated and refreshed where necessary
  2. All content will be delivered by email rather than in a Facebook group – so this way EVERYONE has access not just Facebook users
  3. I have added extra materials to most of the daily topics so that you have more good stuff to explore and engage with
  4. I am starting the program earlier so that it will finish before we things get hectic for Christmas
  5. I have included a bunch of really cool bonuses so that Feel Good Eating For The Holidays is jam-packed with extra value
How long will I have access to the content?

The content will be delivered via email, so as long as you keep your emails, you will have access forever!


This program provides general information about nutrition, health and wellbeing that is likely to be applicable to most healthy individuals. It is not designed to provide individualised advice for the treatment of specific health conditions. By engaging in this program, you agree to the terms and conditions of use of this site.  

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