3 things you can do today to help prevent a binge.

Watch this FREE on-demand mini-training for 3 things you can implement today to help prevent a binge or feeling out of control with your eating.

After watching the mini-training you will:

N  Know the difference between overeating, emotional eating and binge eating

N  Understand why the common reasons diet culture says binges happen are actually myths

N  Have three practical things you can do today that can help leave you less vulnerable to a binge

Know your options for where to go for next steps

Meet your host

Hi there! My name is Nina and I am an anti-diet, weight-inclusive dietitian and intuitive eating counsellor.

In my private practice, I work with people along the spectrum of those who identify as chronic dieters, people with disordered eating and people with clinical eating disorders. So, I work with a lot of people who report having a complicated relationship to food and their body and who come to me because they are exhausted from white-knuckling trying to get or keep their eating under control.

I have learnt a lot – so much – from my clients and that, combined with my more traditional clinical training is what has helped me to formulate this mini-training for you.

You deserve to get free from feeling out of control around food and I would love to support you along the way.

Immediately after signing up you will get:

N  The video recording of the mini-training, complete with captions

N  A transcript of the video recording 

N  A workbook to take the theory into practice

N  A bunch of additional resources and options for next steps to support your learning


This training provides general information about nutrition, health and wellbeing that is likely to be applicable to most individuals. It is not designed to provide individualised advice for the treatment of specific health conditions or active eating disorders. By engaging in this program, you agree to the terms and conditions of use of this site.